Porter Grubbs

Growing Pains

Mediumsatl premiere & work in Progress Showing of “Growing Pains” @ Active Space, ATL Ga | Dec. 8, 2018

Growing Pains is a performance art piece that examines the turbulent nature of transformation. Drawing inspiration from Dante's Inferno and particularly from Anita Barrow's poem, "Questo Muro," the dancers embody a journey through the furnace of growth - both as guides and participants.

Growing Pains is the premiere performance installation of the Atlanta-based artist collective, MediumsATL. It is currently a work in progress. A tentative evening length performance will be held in Atlanta, GA, late April or May 2019.


MediumsATL is an Atlanta-based collective of artists from various backgrounds coming together to expand our creative process and to develop a common language. Each artist may specialize in different mediums, but all create and communicate primarily through the body.

The collective builds performance installations using mixed media, sound design, and various movement modalities.


Everything That’s Old is New Again

Everything That’s Old is new again || Work-in-progress showing @ Cafe belcampo, Amsterdam, nl || jul. 2018

Everything That’s Old is New Again is the dusk of one moment and the dawn of the next. It is the after and the after - after. It questions the nature of a paradigm - a typical example or pattern of something. How do we find joy in the patterns that didn’t serve us before?

This piece is a movement duet between MediumsATL artist Gianna Mercandetti and artistic director Porter Grubbs set to original compositions by MediumsATL artist Peter Flamming.