WHAT Is mediums & how was it developed?

Mediums is a collective of artists from various backgrounds - artists who specialize in different mediums - coming together to challenge boundaries and to discover a collective language.

I felt like something was missing in Atlanta, and I became preoccupied with that sense of lacking. It’s easy to complain and then relax into your dissatisfaction, but I took the advice of the late Diana Vreeland - “There’s only one very good life, and that’s the life you know that you want and you make it yourself.”

Once I became aware of my own complaining, I decided to be the change I wanted to see. I decided to follow my own objective and embrace danger and discomfort. And with the presence and energy of other incredible artists who have supported and inspired me, nonetheless. The community eases the load and keeps everything exciting.

what is the purpose of the collective?

To take more risks. To play more games.

To maintain a sense of danger. To embrace discomfort.

To find joy.

To build immersive environments.

What are the different mediums involved & how do they add to the group as a whole?

Any medium that uses the body as the primary channel is welcome, and we invite artists who aren’t part of the core group into monthly jam sessions to introduce their process to our community. We specialize in building performance installations - so anything involved in the creation of environments is present in the collective.

Within the core group we currently have a musician - working in both instrumental and electronic formats - and six dance artists, a couple of whom are also thoroughly engaged in music, theatre, and performance art as well as mixed 2D and 3D media.

what are a few words you could use to describe the collective?

Curious. Playful. Intent. Diverse.

how does mediums fit into the artistic/dance scene of atlanta?

Mediums is a bridge.

It is a connecting force for artists who may not otherwise collaborate. It is a platform for anyone who wants to further connect to their body, to their inner child, to their beginner’s mind.

There are other companies and platforms who operate under similar missions & within similar formats - Fly on a Wall and Dashboard come to mind. They have inspired me in the development of this collective and have helped pave the way for immersive work to thrive in Atlanta.

what role does dance have in mediums?

Dance and movement practice in any form is a stimulus for greater awareness in all aspects of existence. The mind is nothing without the body - after all, the mind is only present within the body.

Body language is the foundation of our vocabulary.



what is the future of mediums?

Greatness. Accessibility.

Provoking thought and conversation in communities that are underexposed to public art & public action.

Cultivating oneness, openness, and togetherness in Atlanta and beyond.

what is the present?

Potential & Momentum.

Trust & Anticipation.

Embracing the sense of possibility that comes with the unknown. It’s an entity incubating within the beginner’s mind.

what impact would you like the group to have on the public/audience?

To bring more play to public spaces.

To encourage people to embrace a bit of danger in their daily life.

To bring joy while recognizing the role that discomfort plays in achieving satisfaction & fulfillment.